Free is a word that everyone is attracted to. If you are able to get something for free with minimum efforts, it is definitely worth a try.

There are many websites that offer services such as online video streaming and much more for free. But these services are limited for a particular time interval.

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Legit Ways to Get Free Xbox Live codes in 2020

There are many reward sites that offer Xbox Live codes. But, do we really need to visit these websites first? Why not go for the official website that offers legit free Xbox live codes.

So, you get a trial of Xbox Live codes for free when you register for a Microsoft live account. The trial period is for a month. You can do this in 5 possible ways. Let us see this ways one by one.

Get free Xbox Live codes using XBLRewards

XBLReward is a great reward site to earn free Xbox Live codes. You just need to complete simple tasks to earn Xbox Live codes. You may be asked to download applications or complete surveys to earn the live codes.

If you earn 1000 points, you automatically become eligible to receive Xbox Live gift card codes. For every 1000 points, you get a free $10 Xbox Live gift card code. It almost takes 1 to 2 hours to earn these points.

The more points you earn, better are your chances to get higher value gift cards. You can earn $10, $20, and $50 Xbox gift card by collecting points.

2. Create a New Xbox Account to get 14 days free Xbox Live Trial

Step 1: Firstly, create a Microsoft account on the official website. after that, log in to the Subscriptions page.

Step 2: hen you will enter on subscriptions pages, choose the Gold – 14 Days free trial option, after that click on the Next button.

Step 3: At this point, you need to add a credit card to complete the registration process.

Step 4: Enter your billing information in the space provided (you can ask your parents for credit card details). Click on the Next button after that.

Step 5: Follow the process as it is to complete the sign-up process properly.

Note: Keep in mind the below-listed points when you apply for a free trial. Otherwise, you may miss your free month trial from Microsoft.

  • You get the Xbox Live Gold membership trial with only one Gamertag.
  • Also, Microsoft gives limited trial accounts for one console. You get three trials per accounts.
  • Once the user creates 3 trial accounts on her/his console, the user can no longer receive the message that gives the opportunity to register for a Free Xbox Live Gold Trial account.
  • Correctly enter your country or location in the billing information while signing up for the offer.
  • make sure to cancel your membership before the 14 days expires. If you forget to do so, your free trial will get converted into the paid subscription. You have to opt-out of the free Gold Trial Account before the last day of the subscription. Microsoft would start charging you for a paid description of the amount if you are careful.

3. How to activate the Free Xbox Live Gold Trial Account for 14 days

xbox live codes
Activating the free Xbox Live Gold Trial

This option works only for those gamers who have an active Xbox Live account but never in their life activated their Xbox Live Gold subscription.

How to check and know whether you’re eligible for the free Xbox Live trial or not?

Step 1: You do need to check whether you qualify for the free trial or not. you’ll by default see the Gold – 14 Days Free Trial as a subscription gift for you.

Step 2: Select the free Xbox Gold Trial by clicking on the select option. After that click Next.

Step 3: If the system asks, you might have to add the payment option to your Xbox account. So, if you already have the payment option ready with you,(credit card), then you can use that on the payment window.

Step 4: Follow the remaining steps one by one. The wizard will automatically guide you through the entire sign-up process.

Step 5: Remember that once your first free trial month ends, auto-renewal of the subscription will take place like the Netflix trial subscription. Microsoft will start charging you automatically unless you deactivate the free trial subscription.

You can read more about the process on Microsoft’s Xbox Forum.

4. The Reddit Giveaways: Get free Working Xbox Live codes using Reddit

reddit giveaways
Reddit Giveaways

Everyone knows that Reddit hosts much more important and valuable information than Wikipedia itself. You only need to find the right thread.

Many people have received tons of Google Play gift cardsfree Xbox codes and Steam Wallet codes just by carefully reading the Reddit community posts.

After all, where else will you find a more engaged community of experienced content keepers?

Just like there are many separate and unique threads for various game cheats, there is one particular and unique subreddit made for all the fans whose only purpose is to get free Xbox Live codes.

Surely, you will notice instantly, and also you wouldn’t find this surprising as well that most of the posts on Reddit are requests from the actual users rather than actual giveaways. That doesn’t mean that you would not see any sort of luck in those subreddits.

We would always suggest you follow some subreddits related to Xbox and Xbox Live codes. This is because you can never know what kind of kind-hearted generous strangers hang out in the great Reddit community.

Therefore, we’ve taken the initiative to find you some Xbox related subreddits where you can easily try your luck:

Note: The last link, however, is not about Xbox, but it does hold many giveaways.

5. Christmas Giveaways to get free Working Xbox Live codes

xbox live codes
Xbox Christmas Giveaways

A Dutch website with URL ‘‘ is offering free game codes of the different websites in exchange for email addresses of users.

You could easily redeem these free Xbox codes through websites under certain conditions. After all, a few online retailers and distributors do offer excellent assistance and will take care of your personal details.

Of course, you wouldn’t find such useful websites every day that offer free Xbox Live codes to each and every person who subscribes to their email newsletters.

In short, consider yourself lucky if you are able to find an on-going giveaway offer on these websites.

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Xbox is a home video gaming platform created and produced by Microsoft. Xbox is Microsoft’s first attempt at building something for the gaming console market.

Apart from this console game, it also provides software and applications for games and streaming services. The Xbox console was first launched in 2001, in the United States of America along with the launch of the original Xbox console.

Since its release, the product has gone through several different changes resulting in XboxXbox 360, and Xbox One.

Having an Xbox Gold Membership gives you various benefits like chatting with other players, cloud space, compete with online players, free video games, early access to game demos, etc. that you can enjoy in the games and the console itself.

Well, to enjoy all these benefits on your Xbox, you must pay for the Xbox Gold Membership. Lucky for you, our Xbox Live code generator will help you get Xbox gift card codes that you can avail online for free.

What are Xbox Live codes or gift cards?

Xbox Live codes and gift cards make Xbox purchases and extend your Microsoft subscriptions (Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass, etc.).

Xbox codes are 25 characters long, including numbers and letters (XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX), printed on a card.

With the Xbox Live code or gift card, you can purchase the service you want. It can be used to buy the latest Xbox games, applications, movies, devices, and more. As you already paid the full amount at the time of purchase these gift cards, there are no other hidden charges or expiry dates to worry.

Just keep in mind that Microsoft is not allowing users to purchase a product from physical Microsoft store using Xbox Live codes.

What is Xbox Live code generator?

Xbox Live code generator is an online tool that lets you generate free Xbox Live codes. Codes generated using our generator is similar to the real Xbox codes that are 25 characters long including numbers and letters.

You can generate unlimited free Xbox codes using this generator. As many sites are asking for you to complete a survey to get the code, forget those time consuming and fake websites.

We’ve made this Xbox Live code generator completely survey free; you don’t need to complete any survey verification or human verification to get Xbox Live codes.

Follow the video below to learn how to use this generator.

How does Xbox Live code generator work?

Xbox code generator works on the smart algorithm, developed by our code addicts. It can generate unlimited free Xbox codes.

Our Xbox code generator produces a unique code that is similar to the Xbox Live code. You can use these codes to get free Xbox Live Gold Membership. If it does not work at first, then you can generate multiple codes using our generator.

Free Xbox Codes List

List of free Xbox codes generated using Xbox Live code generator. You can generate unlimited codes for your Xbox Live, Xbox One, Xbox Gold and Xbox 360 using the generator located above.

How to generate free Xbox Live codes using an Xbox Live code generator?

Getting free Xbox codes is not at all complicated. Just follow the steps given below to get your codes!

Step 1 – Go to the Xbox Live Code Generator.

Step 2 – Select your Device and Country.

Step 3 – Tap on the Generate Now button to generate your free Xbox code.

Step 4 – Wait for a few seconds while the algorithm generates a unique code for you.

How to redeem Xbox gift card codes?

You can easily redeem Xbox gift card codes in your console or online using the following steps.

Step 1 – Open your browser and go to

Step 2 – Log into your Microsoft account or Live account using your credentials.

Step 3 – Enter the free Xbox Live code that you have already generated from our Xbox Live code generator.

Step 4 – Once verified, Microsoft will automatically add the gift card balance to your account. And that’s all! You have successfully redeemed the Xbox gift card.

Note: If you are using devices like Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows App, Android, iOS and Windows 10 mobile, then please check the complete guide to redeem Xbox Live code on different devices.

Once redeemed to your Microsoft account, you will get a gift card balance that you can spend whenever you shop at Microsoft Store online, on Xbox, and Windows.

Xbox one versus Xbox 360

The year was 2005 and the product was Xbox 360. Since then the world of gaming has changed completely. Xbox 360 revolutionized this arena with its noteworthy speed. It delivered cutting-edge gaming experience which was the result of marriage between motion-sensing technology and astute graphics.

Now after enjoying a successful run for more than a decade, Xbox 360 is ready to bid adieu. Microsoft has ended support for this legendary gaming console and has focused its attention on Xbox one which runs on better technology and delivers a superior gaming experience.

But even then Xbox 360 has managed to hold on to its place as numerous gamers still regard Xbox 360 as one of the finest gaming products ever. But is Xbox 360 actually good enough to lock horns with Xbox one? Which among these two is a better gaming product? We find out the answer to this debate in this article.



The Xbox 360 with 250 GB space is available on the online market at around 75 pounds. On the other hand, the Xbox one costs around 240 pounds.

Although it appears that Xbox one is costlier than Xbox 360, the former offers more features and delivers stunning performance. Hence, several gamers consider the price difference between the Xbox One and Xbox 360 as justifiable.

  1. Design-

When it comes to appearance, Xbox 360 looks miniscule in front of the giant shadow casted by the massive Xbox one.

The Xbox one is 33.3 cm wide, 27.4 cm deep and 7.9 cm tall while the Xbox 360 is 27 cm wide, 26 cm deep and 7.5 cm tall.  The bigger size of the Xbox one is the result of Microsoft’s decision to give the console more breathing space so that it doesn’t incur the overheating issues which became common with the Xbox 360.

Similarly, the Xbox 360 Kinect is slimmer than the Xbox one Kinect.

  1. CPU, RAM, and performance-

The Xbox 360 is powered by a triple-core 3.2 GHz processor while the Xbox one is armed with the mighty eight-core processor. This processor is based on AMD Jaguar chip series. These specifications make it clear that Xbox one is three times more powerful than the Xbox 360.

The differences in efficiency become starker when we focus on RAM. The Xbox 360 has RAM of 512 MB while the Xbox one has RAM of 8 GB.

  1. Games library-

The fact that Xbox 360 is in the business for more than a decade ensures it has an expansive collection of games. And taking into consideration its compilation, it is sure to withstand the changing gaming arena for at least a couple of years more.

The current games library of Xbox one may look limited but we need to remember that this console is going to be in the market for a long time. This ensures that as time passes, Xbox one’s games library is only going to get bigger and richer.

Infact, since its inception, the list of exclusive games for Xbox one is increasing every day and several developers are focusing on creating versions of games that are effective for this console.

  1. Multimedia Features-

Xbox one is been projected as the ultimate entertainment console and its features back this claim. The Xbox one app is equipped with several entertainment channels such as Amazon prime, Netflix and YouTube and it is also armed with Windows 10 operating system. This gives you the liberty to enjoy a plethora of applications on your device.

Add to it the Xbox media player app and the Xbox one UI, you have a clear winner. Although Xbox 360’s media skills are impressive they are no match to Xbox 360’s multimedia features.



The verdict-

The features and the gaming experience quality indicate that Xbox 360 is no match to the mighty Xbox one. The legendary and one of the most popular gaming products ever made in the history, Xbox 360 is now showing its age and is lagging behind to adapt to the evolving gaming world.

The future belongs to Xbox one which is armed with the cutting-edge processor that pumps terrific power and high-quality graphics that deliver the finest gaming experience.

The only that that goes against Xbox one is its high price. Gamers who are on budget can embrace Xbox 360 as it is still a steal at this price. However, if you are looking forward to a better and more integrated gaming experience then Xbox one is the ideal option. You could also go for PlayStation 4 


Compare the difference